Bespoke Training Portal

The Orange platform can be set up to provide a full induction programme followed by an ongoing training resource for all employees. A range of functionality to manage the employee’s development progress is available including:

Business Simulations Training

Ranging from HOTS, an advanced computerised business simulation in which teams manage hotels in a competitive market place, Eurocar, Virtually running car manufacturing and dealership businesses in 5 European markets, and Sesamee, set within the SME (small and medium enterprise) arena.

HOTS, Eurocar and Sesamee business simulations can be used by Universities, Corporations or Training Companies, set in the Hotel, Car Manufacturing and SME sectors respectively.


Set within the service industry, HOTS is an advanced computerised business simulation in which up to 99 teams manage hotels in a competitive market place.

Having reviewed background material and available market research, teams are tasked with improving the performance of their hotel by preparing a strategic business plan. This is then implemented through decisions relating to:

  • capital expenditure
  • staffing and staff training
  • refurbishment
  • revenue management
  • product pricing
  • product mix
  • advertising
  • environmental management

A comprehensive range of reports provides up to the minute business indicators to help teams to monitor their performance and strategy. Online help files provide a wealth of valuable information. In line with our mission to produce highly credible simulations, HOTS uses real market data and runs in our unique real time mode. It is also very flexible and can be run at different levels of difficulty and complexity.


This sophisticated business simulation allows up to 9 teams to compete by running virtual car manufacturing and dealership businesses in 5 European markets.

Highly realistic, challenging and memorable, Eurocar is a flexible tool which is effective in both the academic and business arenas. It includes a range of tutor options for customisation of exercises. A typical scenario would involve a structured team putting together a business plan based on market research to start up and manage a new business. Participants must make decisions about factors such as:

  • automation
  • market segmentation
  • product development and R&D
  • mergers & acquisitions
  • alliances with other companies
  • funding
  • pricing
  • capital expenditure
  • staffing levels
  • marketing strategy

All these factors must be considered within the context of a competitive and dynamic market place. Whilst trading, teams receive weekly sales reports along with a whole range of business indicators such as quality and morale indices. Monthly bank statements and quarterly profit and loss and balance sheets enable them to control their finances and review their strategy.


Set in the SME (small and medium enterprise) arena; it is ideal for entrepreneurs, business studies students, advisors, mentors and an effective learning or assessment tool.

Sesamee is truly flexible and achieves a high level of credibility by using real market data and our unique real time running mode. This creates an environment that is as close as you can get to running a real business. We supply two initial scenarios, a new start up business and a 2 year old business set within the gas detection industry. Teams manage and develop their businesses based on the objectives that you set. Working in a highly realistic environment, participants make decisions concerning factors such as:

  • people’s workload and development
  • quality and service
  • market understanding and competition
  • premises
  • Financing
  • technological changes
  • start-up and growth
  • investment in R&D

The software includes valuable help files and general information relating to the SME sector. Regular reports and graphs help teams track their performance and monitor their strategy.