Induction & Onboarding

Our Online Employee Induction service is designed to complement your existing activities by communicating key information through a bespoke online portal, which is designed to suit your needs and requirements.

One of the key benefits of our induction programmes is that users can start their process pre-arrival. This encourages a smoother induction process that both welcomes the new employee whilst also getting them settled into work as quickly and productively as possible.

Our programme can also be used in the selection process as a means of testing knowledge, enabling you to narrow down potential candidates.

Web Based

As with all of our products, an Orange Learning online employee induction is provided as a web based hosted service. Which means:

  • No installation, capacity or new hardware issues
  • No delay, complete programmes set up in weeks
  • No serious demands on your IT function

Starters can access via the internet from anywhere, our Induction sites are compatible with all mobile devices, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. Therefore they can be accessed by the users at a time that suits them, whether it be on their phone or tablet while they are using public transport, or in the comfort of their own home on a laptop or desktop computer.

Using an online system allows for an effective transfer of information, which means staff are quickly in a position to feel confident about their new place of work. This process provides them with information, skills and competency that they require quickly and efficiently.


Provided in your Corporate style, new starters will see their induction as another part of your existing web based services. Personalisation of information and timetables tailored to their needs make starters feel welcome and valued.

Using our Multi-Tagging™ functionality each individual gets in induction programme tailored to their needs. A clear outline of their job/role requirements and showing how the employee fits into their team and how their role fits with the organisation’s strategy and goals, as well as any site specific information such as facilities and fire drills.

With our own web based platform we offer an approach which enables us to deliver personalised and relevant information to groups of any size, in a way that is easy to follow, consistent for all staff and can be revisited at any time if needed.

Tracking & Reporting

The Orange Learning Induction system is fully auditable, which means that staff can be asked to sign online agreements to show that they have read and agree to adhere to these policy statements. This information can then be accessed by management staff if necessary to show that the policy was agreed to.

Demonstrate a duty of care for employees, with our email Alerts and Knowledge Check tests. Ensure important information is understood, through a series of learning or testing questions. Our full tracking allows the starter, line manager and central functions to monitor progress and chase the new starter if any sections have not been completed.


Our modular approach allows you to build the programme you want at any point in time. New modules can be added, existing modules withdrawn or modified. Modules can also be made “live” at pre-programmed timings. A typical programme would include:


A major benefit of our online induction programme is how easy it is to integrate with any wider induction processes your organisation may have. A fantastic example of this is incorporating any administrative activities, such as booking onto training sessions or completing online forms.

Also utilising our systems as part of your recruitment / selection procedures, whether this be via users achieving a particular pass score to proceed onwards or to provide potential candidates with information to then use in the interview portion of the selection process.

Our online induction programmes can work seamlessly with shift booking systems (whether they be existing or a bespoke solution provided by us). Linking completion of their online induction with the release of login information for your booking system or release an additional induction module once they have completed their first shift for example.