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We are able to provide bespoke benchmarking programmes that allow a group of organisations with similar operations to pool information on set key measures.

The system then automatically provides data to each organisation on their performance versus the group average. It is a hosted service and set up so that each member inputs their own data so minimising the costs of running the Benchmarking Exercise.

Products & Services


Our Inventory products provide a complete online item checking system for pre and post occupation.

It is a hosted service providing instantaneous electronic delivery. Inventory forms are delivered, together with a notification e-mail to each resident. Forms are completed on-line and instantaneously stored on a secure electronic database.

Post occupation Inspection provides:

  • Enhanced electronic exit inspection features, via a range of hardware options. Tablet PC's, Netbooks, PDA's, (Ipad and Android).
  • Inspection ordering, to guide inspectors around accommodation
  • Electronic comparison of arrival and exit inspection forms
  • The ability to photograph damage and store the photos for further use.
  • Auto uploading of all inspection reports and photographs
  • Ability to add bespoke questions e.g. General Room Condition, Damage, Cleaning issues, Room life issues.

Products & Services

Booking / Ordering Service

Major events create huge logistical problems with very high numbers of visitors and high numbers of staff and volunteers. An issue for events that take place over weeks and over multiple venues is that of feeding operational staff.

The Orange Meal booker (COSMOS) allows all interested parties to book meals for their employees across a fixed number of meal occasions per day, over multiple venues and for each day of the event.

It automatically informs all parties creates links for the provision of meal vouchers and creates outputs for invoicing customers.

Contact us for a discussion on how we might provide you with a customised meal (or other) ordering system.