A welcoming and effective induction is central to ensuring a positive first impression of your organisation.


Increase starter productivity as inductions can be completed pre-arrival.


All our programmes are hosted on the cloud and available to access anywhere; at home or at work.


Compatible on all devices, PC, tablet, mobile phone.


We never charge extra for technical support.


Our services accompany employees throughout their journey within a workplace. From onboarding via a pre-arrival induction and selection testing, the first month of transitioning into their new role, onto continuous development and training using our simulations and 360 feedback tool.

Delivering information to large numbers of people that is tailored to the individual at a time that is convenient for the user, whilst also gathering information in a level of interactivity that is only available via an online service.

By identifying customer needs we have a flexibility to adapt our existing services to need those needs or to provide a bespoke solution.



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New Employee Induction and Selection programme for Delaware North

With a high number of new staff (both permanent and temporary) on a regular basis Delaware North were looking for a cost effective solution to inducting large quantities of new employees whilst also being able to test their knowledge of key areas such as health and safety.

A two stage selection and induction programme was developed in partnership with STEMS by RP our sister company. Stage one delivered important information including Health and Safety and Food Hygiene concluding in a set of test questions, the pass rate resulting in whether a user would become employee by Delaware North and therefore continue onto their induction process (stage two).

New Induction programme for employees and contractors.

Ascot racecourse has a high reputation with the Royal Ascot event in particular highly regarded as the centrepiece. The values set out in “The Ascot Way” can be seen in every aspect of service delivery, from welcoming visitors to serving the perfect pint.

It was very important to communicate these values and other information about the racecourse to all employees working there at any time, including staff that are provided by contractors.

A dual site induction programme was developed, signifying the difference between Royal Ascot and the other events conducted at Ascot racecourse. Using lots of interactivity, such as videos and drag and drop functionality, key information is delivered and knowledge is assessed through a number of questions.

Employee Induction for Burhill Golf and Leisure

The Burhill Group Limited own and manage multiple sites across three divisions; Golf, Leisure & Estates. It was important to deliver consistent messages across the Group whilst also tailoring to specific division and site information. Using our Multi-Tagging™ functionality we are able to deliver this and even deliver job specific information such as “Service of Alcohol”.

BGL also saw the opportunity to expand their onboarding process and streamline administrative tasks associated with recruitment by including forms for payroll and personal information, and uniforms within their induction programme.

Staff Induction at the University of Sheffield

The University of Sheffield employs a range of staff from cleaner to professor, across 51 academic and 15 professional services departments. However, despite a strong employer brand from a recruitment perspective, it felt it was missing an opportunity to demonstrate its goals and values during induction. This was made more complex thanks to the fact that 250 staff across the institution are responsible for induction, many of whom were unaware of the resources available to support new starters.

In partnership with our sister company STEMS by RP we developed a branded induction portal for all new staff regardless of role at the university. Since implementation of the staff induction portal the University of Sheffield has found that the number of staff resigning within three months of joining has dropped by 36% with managers stating that the induction programme enabled them to provide a more personal welcoming experience.

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