Hospitality Business Simulation


Set within the service industry, HOTS is an advanced computerised business simulation in which up to 99 teams manage hotels in a competitive market place.

Having reviewed background material and available market research, teams are tasked with improving the performance of their hotel by preparing a strategic business plan. This is then implemented through decisions relating to:

  • capital expenditure
  • staffing and staff training
  • refurbishment
  • revenue management
  • product pricing
  • product mix
  • advertising
  • environmental management

A comprehensive range of reports provides up to the minute business indicators to help teams to monitor their performance and strategy. Online help files provide a wealth of valuable information. In line with our mission to produce highly credible simulations, HOTS uses real market data and runs in our unique real time mode. It is also very flexible and can be run at different levels of difficulty and complexity.

Till Training

Ensure all your starters use your tills quickly and accurately from the first minute of their first shift.

A comprehensive module for till users and supervisors using text, graphics and explanatory videos followed by practise exercises using your till interfaces for the precise toils they will use. Finally, a comprehensive online test using a series of typical orders created by you. Pass rates and options for further training are set by you.

Till Training Program

Employee Feedback

How often do new employees leave after only one or two shifts?

We know there can be many reasons for employees not continuing in a particular role but having a ‘bad first shift’ is often at the top of the list. What makes the first shift ‘bad’? Normally the employee not knowing what has to be done, where things are and then being chased for not working quickly enough. First line managers are often under huge pressure at events and don’t have the time to give proper attention to starters. Our upward feedback module enables employees to anonymously provide feedback to first line managers on a range of relevant topics. Thus, enabling the managers to improve their own performance in handling staff and increase the retention rates of starters.

Employee Feedback Reporting

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