Operational Tools

Availability Booker

Enhance performance by using a streamlined service in which your workforce input their availability into a bespoke online booking system, where shifts or sessions can be allocated effectively and efficiently.

BikeBook is a good example of a bespoke online booking system, used to manage Cycle Training. Trainers and Examiners put details of their availability into a personalised online calendar. Schools or other organisations requiring cycle training login through their personalised credentials and book course or tests on days when there are suitable trainers and testers available.

Operational Tools


A revolutionary new staff communication tool.

Deliver a range of useful, interesting, fun information to your staff along with important company messages. All of which are available at the click of an icon on a smartphone or tablet and the click of a link on PCs.

Unique to your company, you can personalise your section headings, include your company logo and link to any of your social media profiles for seamless communication, you can also take full advantage of our Multi-Tagging functionality within Juice in which users can be assigned to certain groups, therefore only seeing articles relevant to them.

The content management system for admins is designed to allow you to upload, schedule and publish articles quickly and effectively. Upload your own images, video, text and advertisements.

Your Juice is unique to your organisation, you create the articles, you can personalise your section headings, include your company logo and use your own photos and videos.

Operational Tools


ChangeCom, communicating change to large groups in a reportable and interactive way.

A new off the shelf service for communicating details of major organisational change to large groups of people. It is a hosted service which allows users to access it via the internet from any location and is available for whatever period is required. There is no commitment to hardware, software licences or hosting. Some key benefits are:

People Development

360 Feedback

This system can be adjusted to gain feedback and measurement for team, service area or department level. Implement our system to support full individual 360° feedback as a standalone activity or as an integrated part of your performance management approach.

It can support specific learning and development activities. By using it as a pre and post activity measurement. Transfer of learning back to the workplace is encouraged and the development activity evaluated.

An online 360° feedback enhances the accuracy and efficiency of a paper based feedback system as the data is calculated instantly. Confidentiality is also improved, by using an online appraisal as responses and reports are password protected.

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